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Film & Television- Original Music Composition - Traditional scores, contemporary, electronic, soundscapes. Creation & Production. Orchestration & Conducting (as required), lyrics. Use Player above or -

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Anxious Grace CD (1996):

Anxious Grace: Sudden Rain

Information List

Information List

New Project - Colorado Haiti Project Video 

Another new one!  I am working with Joe Jatcko (filmmaker), and Dina Gruenfeld (editor) on the Colorado Haiti Project website videos.  Some great footage- and "hopeful" music.  The film is looking and sounding great!

Successful Premiere 

**** The Palm Springs premiere of "Sebastian Loves Peanut Butter" was a complete success.  The film and music were very well received.  A second showing will take place in Oakland, California, on July 9, 2015 at Parliament.  ***

New Aminiseries Project! 

I just got the draft of a new film project, "Sebastian Loves Peanut Butter", and will start on the score in the next few days.  This is another miniseries production.  More to follow! 


I finally got Pro Tools 11.3 working on my iMac so I can gobble up the available RAM with magical sounds. Avid boasts the counter-intuitive exact opposite peripheral/IO settings from Pro Tools 10 for my particular kind of keyboard midi controller. How very chic! Of course, it rendered the Hyper-control features inert. That's the keyboard's hyper-control, not mine. It's still reasonably in tact. Still, I'm able to run either 10 or 11 until such time as Apple forces another o/s upgrade. So, after spending a…

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New Film Project Coming 

In 2012, I collaborated with j.s. ingram of "miniseries productions" to do the soundtrack for "Saffron", which was selected for showing in a number of festivals in the bay area.  Well we will be at it again soon- j.s. has started on a new project, and i will be doing the soundtrack. More details to follow!