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Film & Television- Original Music Composition - Traditional scores, contemporary, electronic, soundscapes. Creation & Production. Orchestration & Conducting (as required), lyrics. Use Player above or -

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Anxious Grace CD (1996):

Anxious Grace: Sudden Rain

Information List

Information List

C. Renee Tyler:

Recent Reviews/Comments:

 "**Renee Tyler is a very gifted and intuitive composer." Cavern Films, 2013. 
"Lovely vid. Very well made with a nice contemporary understated soundtrack. None of the usual 'cheesiness' Subscribed :)" YouTube, Surviving Death documentary, 2013. 

"The finese with which the composer blends synthesized electronics with the more traditional instruments is refined, artful, even outright fascinating. The resulting musical textures both suit the film perfectly and enhance the viewing experience.... " 2014.


Formal Education: Master of Music, Compostion - University of Portland. Bachelor of Arts, Music - Lewis & Clark College. Studied with composers Dr. Philippe R. De La Mare, Dr. Homer Keller (undergraduate/graduate courses at University of Oregon), Robert Stoltz.

Current Studio:  Pro Tools 11 & 10, iMac based. AxiomPro keyboard controller. Plug-ins include VSL (Vienna Symphonic Library), EastWest (Symphonic, Percussion, SoundDesign modules), IZotope Iris +7 & Iris2, Hollywood Strings, SoundIron samples, Kontakt 5, REV, Rise&Hit, Vintage, Nomad Mastering, Sibelius 7 Scoring. Additional gear including MoogerFooger, Proteus/2 XR Orchestral, vintage Korg Wavestation.   Primary instruments are piano (keyboards), flute, vocals, acoustic guitar. 

Staff Composer/Musician: "A Miniseries Productions", film production company. "a miniseries staff page"

Selected Soundtrack List:

"Gus Loomis - Save The World" (2016) - Orchestrations and recordings for original song by John Anaya- soon to be a music video, part of an international comedy stand-up act. 

"Colorado Haiti Project - Introductory Film" - Joe Jatcko- DP, Dina Gruenfeld- editor.  Film and music for the website as an introduction to the project services (charity).  Work is in editing. 

"Sebastian Loves Peanut Butter", A Miniseries Production, J.S. Ingram, Director, Stuart Locklear - Director of Photography. Art film using Animation and voice-over.  Film recently premiered in Palm Springs and Oakland, California, 2015.  

"Surviving Death: A Short Documentary", Cavern Films.  Heather Dominguez, Creator, Director. An innovative,  12 minute documentary on near-death experiences. View "Surviving Death"  on YouTube, or visit FaceBook page. Official Selection of the Portland Premieres Festival 2014-
Official Selection of the Portland Film Festival 2013 - 
This project was an official selection of film-com 2014, winning a direct pitch with industry executives
Art Institute of Portland, and at the 2013 IANDS Conference.

"Consciousness Continues" - in production. TV series by Cavern Films, for streaming.   

"Saffron", A Miniseries Production, J.S. Ingram- Writer/Director, Stuart Locklear- Director of Photography, 2012, Screened 'San Francisco International Fashion Film Festival', "Oakland Film Festival", 2012/13. Original Score, production, performance. View Saffron_ArtFilm.

"2012 SFIFFF Event Film" Festival Recap Film: Warren Difranco - Director/Cinematographer, After5Media, ModaCine Films, Original Music : "Saffron Waltz" excerpts, at minutes 4:04 & 5:53. Film available for viewing, SFIFFF_RecapFilm

"St. Teresa de Avila", period film circa 1545, early music. Original music, performance, recording, production. Included computer mocks of early instruments, recorded and processed choirs & vocals. 

"Diversity Today" corporate film - music segments. 

Technology Promos - electronic sounds for company videos.

Various: pre-recorded music productions for Plays, Art openings, Dance,  and electronic accompaniments.

Studio Owner, 1993-2010, San Francisco, California : Producer, recording engineer, recording artist. These were mostly smaller projects, working with ADAT/DAT.  Artists include John Anaya, Lisa E.(Engelken), Andre Morgan, JS Ingram & Colin Hall, The Resentments, Load the Wagon, DreamForward, Dylan Connor, Erik Bos, Matt Swindells, Lonnie Showtime, Chris Wilson, Margie Perez, Stone Puppy, Anxious Grace, Tres Iguanas, many more.  Also did spoken word projects, music for Plays. String and piano part composition/arranging and recording for several clients. 

Performed for Recordings - Anxious Grace "Sudden Rain", Diego's Umbrella, John Anaya (Prairie Sun, Humpback Recording), etc. JS & Colin, Resentments, Andre Morgan, Lisa E. , Stone Puppy, others.

Anxious Grace CD, 1996 - Progressive Rock CD (all original)  Songwriter, 10 tracks. lyrics, all keyboard parts, orchestral arrangements and performances, drum programming, lead & background vocals, co-produced  and recorded with Marty Vincelli (Big House Studios),  Listen/Buy CD. (Also available on iTunes and


Music Professor (Adjunct), University of Portland, 5 years: Composition, Electronic Music, Computer Music, Theory (20th Century), 12-tone.  Electronic Music Lab, included Buchla, Putney, Mini-Moog, Soundchaser for Apple, Max Matthews  (Bell Labs) "Music V" software for computer music, ARP 2600. Founded Computer & Electronic Music Lab & classes, developed and implemented curricula. Member of OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science & Industry) Innovative Computer Education committee. Taught classes for Oregon Graduate Center Talented & Gifted Students program.

Live Performances of Compositions:  'Accents' Original composition for Symphonic Band; Multi-media pieces for dance, visual arts, slides, video, prepared piano, performance art/actor recitations; "Duet on a Row" for Violin & Cello; "Artists' Musicians" for slides and prepared electronic tape; "Sonnets" for piano, viola, percussion, vocalists; "Allusions" for multiple prepared tape, recitative vocals, ; "Symbols" for prepared piano; various extemporaneous/participation pieces, 691 Performances (Independent Performance Art Club), guest performer (keyboards, flute, vocals, acoustic guitar) with Andre Morgan, Dream Forward, JS Ingram, Colin Hall, Eric Bos, John Anaya, Art Gallery Show Openings, Performances with "Anxious Grace".

PRO & Memberships:  BMI- Broadcast Music Inc., Society of Composers & Lyricists (SCL), OMPA (Oregon Media Production Association),  Women in Film (Portland), Stage32. 

Music Publishing Company:  Tribes of Fate Music, BMI Affiliate, since 1995

Articles Published (Music) :  Music Educators Journal, T.H.E. Journal, Apple Education Journal, AEDS Symposium Papers

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Anxious Grace: Sudden Rain