Another new one coming up!  I am working with Joe Jatcko (filmmaker), and Dina Gruenfeld (editor) on the Colorado Haiti Project website videos.  Some great footage- and "hopeful" music coming up. 

**** The Palm Springs premiere of "Sebastian Loves Peanut Butter" was a complete success.  The film and music were very well received.  A second showing will take place in Oakland, California, on July 9, 2015 at Parliament.  ***

I just got the draft of a new film project, "Sebastian Loves Peanut Butter", and will start on the score in the next few days.  This is another miniseries production.  More to follow! 

I finally got Pro Tools 11.3 working on my iMac so I can gobble up the available RAM with magical sounds. Avid boasts the counter-intuitive exact opposite peripheral/IO settings from Pro Tools 10 for my particular kind of keyboard midi controller. How very chic! Of course, it rendered the Hyper-control features inert. That's the keyboard's hyper-control, not mine. It's still reasonably in tact. Still, I'm able to run either 10 or 11 until such time as Apple forces another o/s upgrade. So, after spending a day job work week on technology upgrades, patches, fixes, and terabytes of data migrations, I will spend the weekend at the rather-be-doing-this-stuff technology apex, prep'ing for some soundtrack work. My version of fun.

In 2012, I collaborated with j.s. ingram of "miniseries productions" to do the soundtrack for "Saffron", which was selected for showing in a number of festivals in the bay area.  Well we will be at it again soon- j.s. has started on a new project, and i will be doing the soundtrack. More details to follow!


"Surviving Death" is now available on YouTube, already over 21,000 hits! 

With some new toys and tools at hand, I am currently seeking new opportunities for soundtracks.  

Exciting News!  "Surviving Death", the documentary that I did the soundtrack for, was selected for screening at the 2013 Portland Film Festival It was also shown at the IANDS Conference (International Association for Near Death Studies).  In addition, Heather was recently interviewed for a live segment on AM Northwest about this film. Congratulations to Heather Dominguez, filmmaker and director ! 

Some of the music continues its life in Heather's new TV Series, " Consciousness Continues" - slated for release on streaming - later this year (2014). 

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